Nursing Home and Long Term Care Abuse

All long term care corporations (large and small) owe a duty to care to our most vulnerable citizens.  To meet this standard, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes and Developmental Centers must comply with a wide array of regulations - both Federal and State.

Failure to satisfy these mandated standards often leads to catasrophic injuries, such as pressure ulcers (bedsores), fractures, malnutrition and even death.

CAA performs detailed analytics to assist consumers in identifying abuse - and prosecutes those claims in the civil courts - utlizing the CAA Analytic Method.

Fee Churning and Divorce Attorney Billing Abuse

Law Firm Corporations more often than not treat Divorce Families ethically and responsibly - focusing on the needs of their clients and the vulnerabilities of the Divorce Family Unit.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case - tilting the scales of justice unfairly away from the consumers who need them the most.  When legal bills swallow more than half of the value of entire marital estates, leaving both spouses and their children financially destitute, this can potentially represent Divorce Attorney Billing Abuse.

Divorced families - Spouses and even Children - have the right to seek redress against law firms for predatory billing practices and the harms caused by them.

CAA performs analytics on behalf of post-divorce consumers and their families who believe that they have been the victims of harmful predatory billing practices by attorneys and prosecutes those claims in the civil courts - utilizing the CAA Analytic Method.