Unstable Conditions

harms and false billing in acute care: never events

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Overlooked Claims


Counsel: These Cases are Already on Your Shelves

Often, legitimate EMTALA (patient dumping) claims are hidden in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.  These can augment other cases or often serve as stand-alone claims.  To be clear, in arriving at a patient dumping definition, the courts have held that presence or absence of insurance coverage is not a relevant issue.

Follow the Money

When a Charity Isn't a Charity

More and more, the legal fiction that America's largest non-profit healthcare institutions are charitable is being exposed.  When CEO's of so-called charities earn $10,000,000+ a year and the quality of care continues to decline, something is amiss.  This Fox News Expose  - of all news outlets - says what many of us have been saying for years....These are bottom-line driven for-profit institutions, that happens to be tax-exempt.

Why does this matter?  From a public policy point of view, vital tax revenue is lost, over a literal scam.  From a personal consumer point of view, these institutions cause significant harm by diverting money away from the so-called charitable  missions of the institution and into the pockets of the owners.  Worse, after the harm is caused, they attempt to take advantage of "charitable immunity" to insulate themselves from accountability.

At CAA Law, we perform the necessary analytics to uncover the true character of these institutions, to help consumers seek redress when harm occurs.   We also assist whistle-blowers in rectifying these wrongs, by reporting improper activities to the Attorney General and the Department of Justice.